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Training course with the aim of transferring Italian fashion trends to the participants in the crop world.
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Spring/Summer Seasonal Collection (2 days)Fall/Winter Seasonal Collection (2 days)WeHAIR Up (2 days)

Sun treatment for hair. Protects, repairs and nourishes hair from sun, salt, sand and chlorine. 1. Sun Oil (for hair) 150ml2. Sun Shampoo 250ml3. Sun Mask 250ml4. Sun Cream (After Sun Body Cream) 150ml FREE of CHARGE

DUST FREE BLUE BLEACHING POWDER  till 7 tones of bleaching, powered with anti-yellow and anti-orange pigments and rich in silk proteins. Mix Ratio: (POWDER + OXY) 1:2 Size: BOX – 450 gr

Number of Nuances: 79Size: TUBE - 100mlMix Ratio (COLOR+OXY): STANDARD 1:1,5 ULTRABLOND E SUPERLIGHTENERS  1:2.5

Master in Colorimetry, organized in 4 progressive modules:1. BeColorist ESSENTIALS (2/4 days)2. BeColorist GEOMETRY (2 days)3. BeColorist SPECIAL BLONDES (2 days)4. BeColorist LOOKMAKER (2 days)

Master in Cutting, organized in 3 modules: 1. BeStylist BASIC (3 days)2. BeStylist ADVANCED (3 days)3. BeStylist MAN CUTTING (2 days)
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